ARCHIVED NEWS 1998 - 2008



July 27, ( Kingston ) Our young blue bitch Kneehi's Sweet Emotion "Emma"

was WB,BO for her first 3pts. Thank you fellow breeders for your

lovely comments about Emma !!


May 23, (Ottawa ) Gracie was WB to finish her Championship under

judge Doug Gaudin.


APRIL 14, Kingston General Hospital , Jason and I welcomed our

daughter Hannah into the world  6 lbs, 2 oz , 19 inches


Jan 19, CSSA Specialty show (London) Kneehi's Maybe I'm Amazed " Gracie" returned

to the ring after a summer foot injury and fall shed, and absolutely thrilled us by

winning WB,BW for 5 pts!!!  Thank you Breeder judge Mark McMillan (Grandgables)

for this exciting win !!!



Dec. 20 , It is with great sadness that we have lost our beloved boy  "Jonathan"

( Ch. Kneehi's Lunar Eclipse ) way too soon on Dec 19, due to liver cancer.

Sleep well Jon Boy

May 21, 2000 - Dec 19, 2007


Nov 17, 18 , Our Ch. Kneehi's Eldee Just Push Play "Sophie" went to Ottawa for

2 days, and was WB,BW for 4 pts, and as a move up on Sunday was BB.

Thanks Kim for making a good weekend GREAT !!


Nov 15,  A Junior handler is expected at Kneehi !!! Jason and I will be 

welcoming a little girl on or around April 11, 2008


August 30, Phoebe delivered 4 beautiful healthy puppies,

2 Tri Males, 1 Tri Female, 1 Blue Female.


July 28, Limestone Kennel Club," Will" (Ch. Kneehi's Permanent Vacation)wins his 2nd BB


July 26, It is confirmed that Phoebe is expecting , Sire is AM/CAN Ch. Apple Acres Expedition ROM , puppies due August 30, 2007


July 26, Limestone Kennel Club,  New Champion Kneehi's Permanent Vacation

"Will" finishes with a bang,  WD,BW,BB over Specials for 5 pts.


July 23, Valley Kennel Club,  Will was WD,BO over a special for 3 pts.


July 21, Kars .  Will and Grace both winners today.

"Will" was WD, BO for another 2 pts,  "Gracie" was WB,BW,BB for 4 pts





July 2007 , Congratulations to Bella's Sire, and Sophie's Grandsire

"Cory" BIS/BISS/BPIS/ Am/Can Champion Shelhaven Shalligy Safari  (BOS CSSA 04)on

his 5 pt Major to finish his U.S Championship !!


June 24,  It is official, Jay and I are now engaged !!!!


June 16 , Kingston and district Kennel Club. Kneehi's Maybe I'm Amazed "Gracie"

wins RWB, and  Best BBE in Group 7 under Sheltie Breeder Denise Cornelsson




May 26, CCSSA Specialty show "Will" wins Best in Sweeps and Best Puppy in Sweeps

"Gracie" wins her Sr. puppy bith class.


May 25 ,  Ottawa Kennel Club, her very first show,"Gracie" Kneehi's Maybe I'm Amazed wins

RWB, and BPIB. Brother "Will" wins RWD


April 29, Iberville Kennel Club , "Will" wins WD and BPIB for his first 2 pts.



April 14th, Petewawa Kennel Club , "Sophie" wins BB for another 5 pts

and our Kneehi's Permanent Vacation "Will" at his first show wins RWD and BPIB.

Will is co-owned with my neice Niki McAuley, and I can't thank her enough for

the great job she has done with this puppy!!!

"Will" is from our beautiful Phoebe X Bobby-Jon litter.



July 29th, Limestone and District Kennel Club , "Sophie" wins, WB,BOW, for 5pts under judge Wendy Paquette


June 14, 2006 . New litter, Our Bella whelped one pretty sable female !!!


June 2, 2006 . Our much anticipated Phoebe X  Bobby-Jon litter has arrived

in the early morning hours of June 2, Phoebe delivered 6 beautiful puppies

2 blue boys, 2 blue girls, 1 tri boy, and 1 tri girl. !!!

Thank you Kim, for coming all the way back home with me from Ottawa.


*Special thank you to my 2 favorite people in the world, Loraine Daignault

and Philip Sioui for packing my show stuff, and all of the camper stuff, while

I was called home early for Phoebe.

The pleasure of your company , the laughs , the great food, the rain ,the thunderstorms,

heat , and all our puppy placements, surely made this a memorable CSSA

Merci Beaucoup Loraine, and Phil !!!! *


June 1, CSSA  National Sophie thrills us by winning 2nd place in her large

9 -12 month puppy bitch class.


May 31, CSSA National Breeder Sweeps class, Sophie wins 2nd place

in her 9 -12 month puppy bitch class


May 13,  At Arnprior  "Sophie" was RWB at just over 9 months.


May, 12 at the Arnprior show, our lovely sable girl Kneehi's Eldee Just Push Play "Sophie" went to her first show, and was Best Puppy In Breed.



July 13,  Our first litter in 5 years has arrived !!

All sables 2 boys and 2 girls.

Proud Mom and Dad are "Bella" and  "D.J."

Thank you Jay


February 11, 2005 - It is with great sadness we announce the passing of our beloved "Jenna"

 Ch. Kneehi Waking Up The Neighbors

May 02, 1993 - Feb 11, 2005

In 4 months of showing, and only once over 9 months of age, Phoebe won:
1 Group 1st
1 Group 2nd
4 BB

Oct ,04 Belleville Kennel Club
Phoebe's last weekend of shows she wins another BPIG
at 9.5 months

Sept, 04 Ottawa Kennel Club 
Phoebe wins BB,BPIB, BPIG and GROUP 1ST.
at 8.5 months 

Sept, 04 CanSave (Richmond, Ont)
Phoebe wins BB, BPIB and Group 2nd
at 8.5 months

Sept, 04  CanSave (Richmond,Ont)
Booster show, Phoebe is BPIB

August ,04  S.D&G (Long Sault)
Booster show, Phoebe is BOS , BPIB

 August 14, TIKO (Brockville)
It is now BPIS Ch. Stone Mills Kneehi Amazing
Phoebe finishes with another 5 pt BOW and BP
@ 7.5 months of age.

August 13, TIKO (Brockville)
Phoebe wins another BPIG and then on to BPIS under Doug Gaudin
Thanks to Lisa for staying with me  :o)

July 24, Limestone District Kennel Club  (Booster show)
Phoebe was RWB , under breeder judge Guy Jeavons
Thanks for all the lovely comments and cheers for Phoebe
during this circuit of shows!!!

July 20, Valley Kennel Club, Phoebe does it again with another
WB,BOW,BP for 4 pts bringing her total to 9pts while still
under 7 months of age.

July 19, Valley Kennel Club, Phoebe wins WB,BOW,BP,BPIG for 5 pts

July 3-4- Peterborough,Ont,  "Phoebe" starts
her show career at 6 months, and wins her Jr. Puppy
bitch class both days entered, as well as RWB on the second day. 

Also big Congratulations to her brother Stone Mills Prince Charmed
on his Best In Sweeps win at the SSCWNY Specialty !!!
"Chris" is owned by Kim Hudgins, Katie & Carolynn Gerner.

May 21- Moncton, NB, Congratulations to Bella's
Sire, BPIS Ch.Shelhaven Shalligy Safari
on his BOS at the CSSA National
Corey was shown by his owner Ginette Plouffe

April 24 - Iberville, Quebec, Bella finishes her
Championship in style by winning WB,BW,BB for 5pts
over 4 male specials, and on to a Group 4th.
She will now be  known as Ch. Eldee Kneehi Isabella
Thanks to everyone who stayed and cheered us 
on in the group!!!!

April 12 - Updated photo's of Phoebe at 15 weeks

April 4 - Sherbrooke, Quebec , Bella wins
WB,BW,BO for 4 pts under Bob Whitney,
this brings her total to 8 pts.
Big thank you to Loraine and Phil for being great hosts!!!
and for putting up with my long phone conversations :o)

April 3- Phoebe wins Group 1st, and BPIG at
her first santion match in Sherbrooke, Quebec
at only 3.5 months.
She loved every minute of it, and the more people 
clapped, the more she turned on her charm !!!
(Thank you Loraine, for staying with me for a very long day and night,
and to Phil for taking Bella home and giving her supper and putting
her to bed) 

Feb 29 - We wish to welcome * Stone Mills Kneehi Amazing
Many thanks to Kim Hudgins (Stone Mills), for sharing
"Phoebe" with us.!!!

November 2 - Club Canin Chomedey Inc.(Blainville, QC)
"Bella" was WB,BW,BO,BP for 2 pts

November 1 - Club Canin Chomedey Inc. (Blainville, QC)
Eldee Kneehi Isabella was WB,BO,BP for her first point

October 24 - Belleville and District Kennel Club
Bella takes a 4pt  reserve and BP

July 25 - Updated page for "Bella", with new pics @ 5.5 months

May 23 -  "Bella" went to her first Sanction Match.... and loved it!!!
She won a Group 1st, and Best Puppy in Group
Although during the best in show lineup , her age was showing (3 1/2 months), 
she was eating my pant leg and chewing my feet , thoroughly enjoying herself :o)

May 21 - Happy 3rd Birthday to Jon, Joe, & Olivia

May 20 - "Bella" received 2nd place out of 11 in her 2-4 puppy bitch class in the VSS 
(Virtual sheltie show)

May 2 - Happy 10th birthday to Ch.Kneehi Waking Up The Neighbors

May 1 - We wish to welcome Eldee Kneehi Isabella
"Bella" comes to us through the generosity of
Loraine Daignault, (Eldee Shelties)
We are very excited about this young sable prospect 
Merci Beaucoup Loraine !!!

July - Kars 
Just needing 1 pt to finish, "Jonathan" decided to to a little better, and
wins WD,BOW,BB for 4 pts over 3 male specials, including his 
Dad Dylan. Thank you Jan Buchanan

June - Kingston
Congratulations to Julie and Dylan on their Group 2nd.
This placement was extra special, as we lost our Gretzky (Dylans Dad)
the previous week

October 21 - Belleville
Kneehi's Lunar Eclipse "Jonathan" takes WD , and Dad "Dylan"
takes BOS over 9 male specials

October 20- Belleville
Jonathan takes Reserve WD 

September 8 - Cansave (Carp)
Kneehi's Lunar Eclipse "Jonathan" goes to his first show as an adult
and wins WD,BOW for 4 pts to bring his total to 7pts

July - Limestone OKC (Kingston)
A very good weekend for Kneehi and Balenbrae !!
Friday  - Gretzky's son "Dylan", Ch.Balenbraes Roadside Attraction takes
Group 4 

Saturday -  Our beautiful Tri girl, "Chelsea" Kneehi's Neighborhood Watch
wins WB,BOW,BOB over 5 specials for 5 pts.(also made the cut in group)

Sunday - "Chelsea" is now known as BPIG Ch.Kneehi's Neighborhood Watch
Heading into Sunday's show, Chelsea just needed a judge to finish
She wins WB,BOW, for her 3rd  5 pt win
Jon, Olivia, and Joe wish to congratulate their parents on a 
wonderful weekend at home

May - Arnprior and District Kennel Club
Saturday - Kneehi Dot Com " Olivia"was BPIB

Sunday - Kneehi's Lunar Eclipse " Jonathan wins
WD,BOW,BPIB for 3 pts


CCSSA Specialty Show
March 4 - Nepean
A family outing for Dylan,Chelsea, and kids Jonathan and Olivia

Jonathan wins his 9-12 puppy class
Liv takes 3rd in a very pretty 9 -12 puppy bitch class
Chelsea wins her Open Black bitch class
Dylan receives an AOM
And a great thrill for all of us , was Dylan winning the STUD DOG CLASS
Thanks to Kristina Thomson for taking Jon into this class


November - United Kennel Club (Montreal)
First show for Jon and Joe at 6 months 3 days

Friday - Kneehi's I Am Canadian "Joe"was reserve WD,and
Dad Dylan was BOB

Saturday - "Joe" was WD for 2 pts and "Jonathan" Kneehi's Lunar Eclipse
was reserve WD

Sunday - Jonathan was reserve WD


May 21
Chelsea delivers 5 beautiful puppies 
2 blue merle males
1 tri male
1 blue bitch
1 tri bitch
Proud Dad is Ch.Balenbraes Roadside Attraction "Dylan"
(Julie's beautiful Gretzky son)

June - Kingston and District Kennel club

Chelsea wins RWB, and BPIG

June - National Specialty Show (Toronto)

Chelsea thrilled us with her 4th place in a class of 19 beautiful
9-12 month puppy bitch class(The eventualy BB came from this class)
Thank you judge Lynn Broussard


May- Nepean

Chelsea wins WB for 5 pts from the 9-12 puppy bitch class
(specialty show weekend)